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   Rootzone Australia Pty Ltd
   P.O Box 414
   Picton NSW 2571

   Ph:    +61 2 4632 7566
   Fax:  +61 2 4632 7344

   Email: rootzone@rootzone.com.au

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"An Australian company dedicated to the use of Green Technology to improve the Australian environment."

Constructed wetlands, reed bed filters, subsurface wetlands (all different terminologies for types of artificial wetlands) have been used for water treatment in many applications world wide for decades. They have been used for applications as diverse as sewage treatment, storm water remediation, oil contaminated water treatment, heavy metal and phosphorus reduction in all types of wastewater and for reduction of industrial sludge wastes.

Rootzone technology has widespread applications wherever a lowtech low maintenance approach is desirable to pollution problems. It has applications in small communities where the high capital and operating costs of conventional sewage treatment plants make it an unviable proposition.

Newly developed processes and media developed by Rootzone Australia allow the treatment of municipal and domestic wastes to tertiary treatment standards and significantly reduce the area requirement and hence cost of new facilities for water treatment as compared with the previous generation of constructed wetlands.

The process is essentially a non user of energy relying on natural photosynthesis and biological degradation to achieve its objectives


Tony Towndrow Principal (Bsc Eng Glasgow University)
David TowndrowConstruction Manager

Tony carried out his training in wetland theory and practice in Denmark (1999) under Jorgen Logstrup (an early pioneer in the early 1980s in the field of subsurface flow soil based wetlands). Since then Tony has been directing his efforts in the development of the necessary improvements in the process required to treat sewage (and other waste waters) to tertiary treated water standards with considerable success. A selection of Rootzone wastewater treatment facilities are featured in this website.

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