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   Rootzone Australia Pty Ltd
   P.O Box 414
   Picton NSW 2571

   Ph:    +61 2 4632 7566
   Fax:  +61 2 4632 7344

   Email: rootzone@rootzone.com.au

   ACN: 088 034 806


The intelligent use of naturally occurring processes in a controlled sustainable and environmentally friendly manner to reduce energy consumption, clean up pollution of water, air and land and to conserve natural resources.


Rootzone filters are a type of constructed wetland commonly known as subsurface flow wetlands. In the case of Rootzone Australia they utilise a special media unique to the company which enhances the performance relative to other systems commonly using gravel media. They can be either vertical filters or horizontal filters.

Vertical flow winery wastewater treatment bed Yangarra Winery 2013


A reed bed is a live self cleaning biological filter. It removes disease organisms, nutrients, organic load and a range of petroleum related chemicals and other polluting compounds.

The breakdown of contaminants and the treatment of waste water is achieved by the controlled seepage of the waterborne pollutants through the root-zone of plants. Organic pollutants are broken down as a food source for the extraordinary variety of micro-organisms that dwell in the media and plants. Other contaminants such as heavy metals are fixed in humic acid and cation exchange bonds in the soil or mineral substrates in which these plants are rooted.

Oil Waste Treatment in Desert of Oman

The complexity of microbial life forms and the powerful reactions in the rootzone of the plants result in an extraordinary cleansing capacity that adapts to change in a very dynamic way. Reed bed treatment systems comprise self contained engineered ecosystems that utilise particular combinations of plants, soil, bacteria and hydraulic flow systems to optimise the physical, chemical and micro-biological processes present within the rootzone.

There are two types of reed bed filter, Vertical and Horizontal. Horizontal reed bed filters are used in low solids situations and vertical filters in high solids (sludge) situations or as advanced treatment for very low solids but the design is quite different for both. In some applications a combination may be used.

The design of systems depends on the specific waste water or sludge characteristics and the required level of treatment. Consequently each project is custom designed according to effluent, flow rates and location. Some systems may combine with the more conventional hi-tech approach.

Click Here for Photos of Rootzone Systems from around the world.

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