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   Rootzone Australia Pty Ltd
   P.O Box 414
   Picton NSW 2571

   Ph:    +61 2 4632 7566
   Fax:  +61 2 4632 7344

   Email: rootzone@rootzone.com.au

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Horizontal subsurface flow reed beds are able to remove a wide range of contaminants from waste water. The progress of development from a haphazard natural phenomenon to a designed engineering process has continued for around 40 years now and the system enjoys worldwide recognition for its ability to offer low capital cost, environmentally safe reduction of pollutants to low levels.

They look like this

And work like this

In particular wastewater from households, industries and other sources in remote areas can be treated at low cost in this way.

Rootzone Filters have been constructed all over the world for such diverse purposes as wastewater from:

  • Oil exploration
  • Chemical laboratories
  • Soap and pharmaceutical production
  • Mining
  • Metal plating industries
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & motels
  • Boarding schools
  • Private houses
  • Plus many more...

Each design is made to the specific requirements of the project, but standard designs have been developed for more common applications such as domestic waste water.

Through the design the aim is to optimize the conditions for hydraulics and desired microbial activities, hence through an integrated process of biological and chemical activity, mechanical filtration and sorption processes to remove the desired contaminant compounds.

The same processes as those applied in conventional biological, chemical and mechanical treatment plants are also used in horizontal flow reed beds.. The difference is that the processes are integrated in a nature based design, which at the same time delivers buffer capacity in the media volume, allowing the purification performance to remain constant even in rapidly changing flow rates and heavy rainfall situations. Naturally the energy consumption with this system is negligible. The huge energy requirements for operating the aeration requirements of a conventional biological filter are replaced by the solar driven power of oxygen through the root system of the reeds. (Phragmitis Australis)

Many hundreds of such systems have been constructed worldwide in every climate from the tropics to the north of Europe.

All our systems come with performance guarantees. 

Click Here for Photos of Rootzone Systems from around the world.

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